At DBrooks, we understand the importance of a good meal, especially when you are away from the comfort of a good home-cooked meal. Our in-house restaurant not only serves good food but also every comforting dining experience at affordable prices.

The head chef, our kitchen staff, we hire only the best and most experienced at DBrooks. We serve dishes from different cuisines including local popular delicacies. The food is prepared with fresh ingredients under a very hygienic setup. The kitchen staff also maintain a very strict code of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure you have a very pleasant dining experience. The food can be tailor-made to suit your taste and dietary preferences.

The breakfast at DBrooks is something to look forward to when you are staying with us. We also offer catering services for all kinds of events, corporate gatherings, or special occasions. Our restaurant is also perfect for small gatherings (upto 30 people) for lunch or dinner.